Target Scholarship Recipients


Korean American, Overseas Korean, or other students with financial hardship who:
    (1) Have applied for and were admitted into a 4-year university in the US (e.g. high school seniors), or
    (2) Are currently studying at a undergraduate (4-year university) or graduate/professional school in the US.
Such students must show:
    (1) Great aptitude and desire to better the Korean American communities in the US and/or the Korean communities in the Republic of Korea or elsewhere in the world, and;
    (2) Financial hardship

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When do applications close? 
     The application must be postmarked by July 17th, 2017.
Can I send my application by email?
     Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications online. All applications must be sent by mail to the address indicated on the     application.
How should I send my letters of recommendation?
    Letters of recommendation should either be mailed directly to us by mail or included with the rest of your application.
Can documents be in Korean?
    All documents, including letters of recommendation and essays, can be in either English or Korean.
I am a community college student. Can I still apply?
   Yes, as long as you fit the qualifications listed above.
I am a graduate/professional student. Can I still apply?
    Yes, as long as you fit the qualifications listed above.
I am a previous recipient of an OTEFE scholarship. Can I still apply?
    Yes. Previous recipients can apply and are encouraged to do so. We ask that previous recipients send an extra one page document explaining how the scholarship has allowed them to contribute back to the community.
How will winners be notified?
    Winners will be notified by email. The process to review applicants is a rewarding, but time-consuming one. Please do not send emails asking if you have been successful.
Will you let me know if I am not successful?
    The scholarship program continues to grow and we receive over a thousand applications across the world. That being said, we only have a small team of reviewers and we apologize but we cannot give back direct feedback.
I still have a question. Who can I ask?
     Feel free to send us an email at