Mission Statement
The primary purpose of OTEFE Foundation, Inc. (“OTEFE”) is to assist financially needy Korean American students (regardless of citizenship status), overseas Korean students, or other students (non-Korean students who have shown a strong commitment to the betterment of the Korean community) who are faced with financial hardships to pursue their educational dreams at U.S. universities (4-year) or U.S. graduate and professional schools so they can later give back to and better their respective Korean communities.”

OTEFE Foundation, Inc.’s Philosophy
OTEFE was founded on the belief that education is a stepping stone for individuals to succeed in life.  OTEFE also believes that what one does with the education he or she receives is just as important as obtaining a top-notch education.  Commitment to one’s
community and “giving back to the community” are the key goals of OTEFE’s educational drive.  Through education, one can develop and maximize one’s intellect, knowledge , wisdom and skills to help his/her community members and mankind in general.